The amount and the method of determining the remuneration for legal services provided as well as the reimbursement of expenses incurred in connection with those are negotiated  with each client individually according to the specifics, difficulty and circumstances of each case.

In case the remuneration and the reimbursement of expenses are not negotiated with the client, their calculations are governed by the regulation of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Coll., on fees and remuneration of attorneys for the provision of legal services (attorney's tariff). 

Real Estate Transactions

For clients like real estate agencies and real estate agents, we provide legal services consisting in drafting contractual documentation for the entire real estate transaction and related legal services, in particular:

- Brokerage Agreements,

- Reservation Agreements,

- Future Agreements,

- Purchase Agreements,

- Transfer of Membership Rights and Obligations Agreements (cooperative flats),

- Mortgage Agreements,

- Easement Agreements,

- Land register applications,

- Escrow of funds and documents,

- Representation in dealings with credit institutions and the land register,

- Communication with contracting parties for the purpose of ascertaining all data and facts in order to carry out real estate transactions successfully,

- Signature authentications.

Legal services can be arranged in various packages with a price advantage.